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Creating Your First Link Page

Link pages are a great way to promote multiple links to your website, lead magnet, and social media all in one place. A well-designed link page can help you stay organized and massively simplify the navigation for your customers…

…and of course, on some platforms, you’re only allowed to share just one link, so a link page is vital for your success.

Instagram link limit

Link pages fix this “one link” problem, and allow you to connect with your social media audience the right way.

In this guide, you’ll discover the step-by-step process of creating link pages using the free ClickWhale plugin for WordPress.

1. Install and Activate a WP Plugin 

Head over to your WordPress Plugin menu, download and install the ClickWhale plugin, and activate it.

ClickWhale WordPress plugin

2. Create a New Landing Page 

Now it’s time to start creating your first link page! 

Head over to the ClickWhale plugin settings and select the ‘Link Pages’ tab. In this view, you’ll be able to see all your created link pages (once you’ve made them!). To create a new link page (or your first), click on the ‘Add New’ button.

ClickWhale adding new link page

You will now have to fill in all important information such as the title, slug, and the links you want to promote.

This particular plugin allows you to add up to 10 links to each page, so you can promote all of the essential pages of your business in one single place.

Adding Link Page Info With ClickWhale

This step is all about structuring your link page and making it more appealing to potential customers, and maximizing your impact.

To build your link page, click on the ‘Contents’ tab.

Contents of a link page in ClickWhale

From there, you can use ClickWhale’s drag-and-drop editor to add elements such as a link, a post, or a heading to your link page.

Once you’re done, it’s time to make your new link page more appealing.

Customize the Colors of Your Landing Page

There are plenty of elements you can adjust the color for, such as: 

  • Site background
  • Page text 
  • Link text color 
  • Link button background color
  • Link text hover color
  • Link button hover color

Having consistent branding across all channels is essential for making your brand more professional – and a link page is no different.

Optimize the SEO of Your Page

Your link page will be a part of your website.

And search engines want to understand your link page, so it can be properly indexed and recommended to visitors. That’s why, like any other page on your website, it’s good practice to optimize the page to ensure the title, meta description, and slug are all included and structured correctly. 

Once you’ve finished customizing the page, we recommend previewing it. To do so, click on the ‘View Page’ button.

This will make sure you view the page and see how it looks (and check that there are no unexpected errors.) 

ClickWhale link page

Analytics is a key part of your link page tracking. 

ClickWhale gives you the option to track the views and clicks from each page, so you can gather insight into your link page’s performance.

(Analytics are turned on automatically, so there’s no need to set them up.)

Link pages inside ClickWhale

You’re All Set!

You’ve now created your first link page for free with ClickWhale.

You can now share it with your audience, empowering them to connect with you and find all your important links in one place.

Learn more about link pages here:

If you have any questions or need anything, you can always reach us at our website, where we are always happy to help!

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