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Install Plugin

You can get the plugin here. Install it on your WordPress site and you are ready to go!

Create Links

With just a few clicks, all your links are created. Add whatever you want according to the needs of your brand.

Customize Linkpage

Change colors, logo and customize according to your needs.

Share your content
in such an easy and powerful way!

Connect with your audience

Everything you create, sell or organize online – that’s how you share it with your friends!

Use all your channels

Share your content across all the channels you use. Create one or more link pages, how you prefer!

Get more attention for what you do!

You do great things. Link pages helps you let more people know about it.

Must-have for influencers and companies on social media!

Influencer love Link Pages. Here is why.🤫

Link pages increases traffic and ensure that users who are interested in your topic will follow you on your other channels. You can also get statistics on how often your links are clicked and thus target your content much better.

✅ Increase traffic on all your channels
✅ Analyze your audience

Professional Link Page for your company

Companies can be complex. Uniting all their messages coherently is not that easy. Our link pages help to convey a clear statement.

✅ Sell products, increase your profit
✅ Make link page match your brand

Simple, fast and powerful!

With a link page, you have an ultimate collection of your products, services or affiliate links in one place.

Add all the links you need

Link to whatever you want: products you sell, videos or podcasts you’ve created – just about anything you want to show your followers.

Customize your Link page

Customize the link page according to your needs and brand. So that it represents you or your company authentically.

All on your domain!

Your link page is directly on your domain! This creates trust and stronger branding. Example:

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Free Download: Opt-In (Link Pages)

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