ClickWhale Analytics Data: How to Use It To Make A Profit

Are you reviewing your ClickWhale analytics data and wondering how to translate it and then parlay it into more profit? Perfect! We are glad you're here because this is precisely what we intend to discuss in this blog.

2 June 2023

Brands that prioritize analytic techniques have been known to be twice as likely to increase profits. What’s more, these brands are also able to make critical business decisions faster than their peers. 

Why? Because they know their client like the back of their hand. They’re able to pivot, often ahead of trends, as a direct result. All of this is because of the data they collect from analytics. 

Admittedly, decoding and taking action on your ClickWhale analytic data is only one of the ways to make money with ClickWhale. There are several other ways this convenient plugin for WordPress can help your business stay in the black.

For those users familiar with analytics, we ask for your patience as we explain the odds and ends to users that may be both new to ClickWhale and analytics in general. But keep reading to uncover how the analytics data on ClickWhale can help your business consistently make a profit.

Let’s backtrack to the beginning. 

What is Analytics? 🤔

Get ready for a bit of technical jargon. But once we get past the boring part, we can get to the fun part, promise. Analytics are processes of analyzing automated data into mechanical algorithms. These techniques gather raw data and then measure it so that it is easier to understand for human brains.  

We told you it would be a little technical. But suffice it to say, that analytics help us make sense of the who, the where, and the why of the digital data or content that we curate and publish. Starting to make a bit more sense now?

Why Analytics Are Relevant to Success 📉

Analytics are highly relevant to a brand’s success because the derived data helps maximize optimization. Helps how? By way of performance and profit. The data that is measured is directly responsible for marketing stratagems, product efficiency, and the main goal for any business, profit. 

Basically, whoever has the analytics, has the power. What do we mean? Because of analytics, professionals can access, interpret, and quantify data. This ultimately gives them the power to control the longevity of the success of a business or brand. 

Pretty beneficial, wouldn’t you agree? There are plenty more benefits to using analytics for your brand, allow us to explain.   

The Benefits of Analytics 🏆

They say practice makes progress. When businesses prioritize practicing the interpretation of the analytic data collected, naturally, the business’s success progresses. As a result, there are various benefits to analytic data in modern business practices:

  • Leveraging analytics means making data-driven decisions vs. intuition
  • Easily identify growth opportunities and areas for cost savings and/or improvement
  • Implement marketing strategies with profitable action plans
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer and employee wants and demands
  • Increases engagement on social media platforms and website locations

Oh, the wonder of analytics, right? Now, as promised, let’s get into the details of decoding your ClickWhale analytics data and, most importantly, how to use them to make a profit. 

Decoding ClickWhale Analytics Data 🕵️‍♀️

We understand that decoding analytics, in general, might be a tough ask for some of you. But we encourage you to embrace a different mindset when it comes to analytic data. See it as a practice like mindfulness or meditation. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you’ll become at it. 

ClickWhale tracks analytics via the customized links created and categorized within the plugin’s interface. The plugin does this by counting frequently clicked links or the frequency of link page views and the clicks that page warrants. This data is used to determine what type of published content works well vs. those that don’t.

tracked data by ClickWhale

With this data, users can dictate which pieces of content to remove, optimize for further reach, or what kind of new content followers/clients might be interested in. What’s better is that even more comprehensive analytics tools are on the horizon with the ClickWhale PRO version, currently in production. 

Are you wondering how best to make a profit? Keep reading to uncover the information that brought you to this blog. 

How to Make a Profit Using ClickWhale Analytics Data 🤑

Turning a profit from analytic data is the benefit of having access to the data. The ClickWhale analytic data available to users can help them make a profit by providing critical information on client movement on and around web pages and websites. 

Without this knowledge, users wouldn’t be able to understand the success of certain links over others, the impact of slugs on their SEO rankings, or track the movement of embedded codes. 

Here are the other ways that users can make a profit with ClickWhale analytic data:

  • Tracking customized links for a deeper understanding of which affiliates are having success and vice versa. 
  • An in-depth evaluation of data gathered from published content helps optimize or sort out content performance (good and bad). 
  • The focus that can be given to content engagingly delivered to your audience increases earning longevity.

This knowledge ultimately leads to more powerful, consistent, and profitable content. And the more loyal followers catch on to this, the better behaved your brand can be. All this, thanks to ClickWhale analytics data.

Armed with these details tips, you can become even more successful with ClickWhale simply by decoding the analytic data therein.


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