Why You Might Need a Bio Link Page on Your WordPress Website?

Scrolling social media and noticing the phrase “Link in bio” popping up everywhere? If you’ve ever wondered what that meant and, more importantly, how you could get one for your brand, too, then this blog post is for you.

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22 April 2024

What is An Instagram Bio Link Page ⁉️

A bio link page is an active URL added to the bio section of a social media account. A bio landing is a specific type of bio link page designed for social media profiles, focusing on creating landing pages that complement these profiles by highlighting important links and customizations. The presence of this useful tool helps to simplify the appearance of a profile, streamlining it for aesthetic consumption and acting as a bio landing page by hosting important links, highlighting specific goals, and utilizing emojis to draw attention to the call to action.

As the majority of social media platforms act as digital business cards, having a bio link further justifies the validity of a brand in the eyes of consumers. And for many is a starting point for gathering details about a brand’s products or services.

A bio page personalizes your social media profiles, allowing you to add multiple links, customize the design, and direct your followers to various online destinations.

Link Page Demo

This is what a link page could look like!

Why Use A Free Bio Link Landing Page ☝️

To put it bluntly, using a free bio link page means staying relevant in this digital age. As B2B social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to be powerful networking tools, providing an easy way for potential clients to locate information on goods and services is paramount.

Inputting a free bio link page does exactly that. It’s the most efficient means of directing people where you would like them to go, and incorporating a bio link page can drive more traffic to a website. Using one can also increase web traffic and is a great way to navigate followers to additional social media platforms your brand is featured. How so? Allow us to explain.

Most link in bio tools are multi-faceted, which is to say that they provide the most important information a new visitor should/would want to know, and allow for the consolidation of multiple links in one place. Now the trick is the majority of social media platforms grant space for one link in the bio section. And every social media platform provides different character spacing and functionality for bio sections.

A bio link is usually the last item listed under a brand or business bio blurb, which includes essential data such as the brand name, what they do for customers, and a possible physical location.

While some brands opt to input a link to their reserved spot on the world wide web, others get personal. Choosing instead to customize bio links that include not only a link to the designated website but to exclusive promotions or events, too. This customization option is also an excellent opportunity to promote a blog post as a destination for redirected traffic from social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Now is a great time to share the how and where of creating free bio link pages. Of course, there are options when it comes to where to create free bio links. But, we are partial to WordPress around these parts. Keep reading if you would like to uncover why.

Why Should You Choose WordPress To Create One? 🕵️‍♀️

A better question might be, why not create a free bio link on WordPress? Now, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that a basic Google search about free bio link pages warrants several results: Linktree, Milkshake, and Komi are chief among them. 

Each of these options can assist you in creating a free bio link page but aren’t all created equal. As the world’s leading content management system (CMS), WordPress allows users to create and host customized websites. 

Currently, 14% of the world’s top-performing websites were designed on WordPress. Now, these businesses (your brand, too) can use the famed platform to create customized bio link pages for free. How? With ClickWhale.

An evolutionary WordPress plugin, ClickWhale allows WordPress users to easily create a free bio link page. As the most flexible link in bio tool available, users can customize a link page with existing web links or by creating new web links using the plugin directly. 

Further, this nifty plugin (unlike its competitors) is designed with SEO in mind, making it easy for brand consistency. Choose the URL for the link page as it aligns with the brand name or message, and preview the link before publishing. 

The advantages don’t stop there. When building a link page with ClickWhale in WordPress, the link page is within the owned domain. This helps boost the visibility of the page for Google ranking and builds profound trust with customers. How so? All of this data is housed on your own server directly eliminating the majority of customer concerns for privacy. 

Want to know more? ClickWhale, as a plugin for WordPress, can also provide analytic data on the active bio link and is prime to embed right into your WordPress website. The created bio link can then be shared or used on any social media platform of your choosing. 

The most recent version of the plugin is live and waiting for you. 

How To Make A Link Page on WordPress With ClickWhale 🚀

First things first, congratulations on deciding to create a free bio link page. It’s the right choice for your business. Bio link pages are essential for business owners and brands with a social media presence. And let’s face it, almost every successful brand or business today reserves entire budgets or corporate positions designed especially for social media platforms. 

Link Page Builder by ClickWhale

If that fact alone doesn’t serve as motivation, then perhaps the ease of which it takes to create a customized bio link page will do it. And that’s because creating a customized bio link page with ClickWhale on WordPress is as easy as 1,2, 3:

  1. Install the free plugin to your WordPress dashboard. This installation can be done right on WordPress or via the ClickWhale website.

  2. Create a bio link page in a few clicks. Link to whatever products, videos, or podcasts you’ve created, anything you want to show your followers.

  3. Customize the bio link accordingly with the brand logo, colors, etc. This step is great for influencers because they can represent the brand’s vision, message, and personality with the customization options available. 

It truly is that simple!

How Much Time Do You Need To Create A Free Bio Link Page? ⏰

Creating your free bio link page on WordPress with ClickWhale is easy and doesn’t require much time at all. Depending on how many links you would like to create and customize, having those designated tabs open for easy access is all the extra work needed. 

What exactly do we mean by that? The more organized you are when you begin, the faster this process will be. If your brand has yet to formally generate the essentials such as a name, a color scheme, or a logo, creating a bio link page may require more time.

If your brand or business is fully operational with these things, however, customizing and creating a free bio link on WordPress with ClickWhale takes roughly fifteen minutes. And you don’t need to be an expert at WordPress or technology for that matter. 

Anyone can create a free bio link on WordPress with ClickWhale in no time.

How To Use The Free Bio Link Page Across Social Media Platforms Once Created 👇

Once you have created your free bio link page with ClickWhale on WordPress, it’s time to spread the word. How do you do that? Market this bio link page everywhere your brand is featured using a bio. Adding a link to your Instagram bio and utilizing the TikTok bio link are crucial steps in directing followers to your bio link page, as they serve as gateways for your audience to discover more about your brand.

Creating a bio link page helps brands connect with their audience. After all, the hard work that goes into providing your goods and services deserves to be shared. Spread the word so that the masses can discover them, too. Mentioning ‘link in bio’ in your Instagram posts is a strategic way to guide your audience to this centralized platform, where they can access all your content links through a single URL found in your Instagram profile.

Any active social media space will suffice, but remember, this bio link can be embedded into your WordPress website as well. Take advantage of this privilege to market the goods, services, events, and/or sign-ups your business offers clientele in a way that’s easily accessible by all that visit your website. Using the same link across other social media platforms ensures consistency in your marketing efforts and simplifies tracking audience engagement. This approach addresses the limitation of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where only a single link can be included in the bio, by consolidating multiple links into a single link on your bio link page.

Bio link tools are great for networking events, too. Digitally share the meat and potatoes of your business by offering the bio link vs. a physical business card. The unspoken benefit of reducing our eco-impact as business owners in a digital age is a bonus.

Learn more about creating a free bio link page on WordPress with ClickWhale by watching the free demonstration below.

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