How Customized Link Bio Pages Can Increase Blog Earnings 🤑

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20 November 2023

In today’s digital world, customized link bio pages are all the rage. They’re also the most efficient means of directing target audiences to specific digital destinations. Your blog or website is a perfect example of one of these preferred digital destinations. 

That’s right, these handy little links pack a mean right hook. And quite arguably, they are a necessary evil for brands marketing products or services on social networks. To some, bio link pages may seem like an obvious means of sharing tons of information in one place. 

But we dodge that jab and counter with a one-two sequence of digital marketing fun facts because that’s exactly why we love them.

Customized Link Bio Pages Are A Digital Gold Mine  ⛏️

Nothing excites us more than brilliant organization skills, and customized link bio pages are a gold mine of organization. A link bio page will have relevant links housed in one aesthetically pleasing location. Making the link available in the bio section of social media profiles means people can find and share it with others whenever necessary.  

Surely, the brilliance of that as a digital marketer isn’t lost in translation. Just in case, we’ll explain the fundamental benefits. Bio links help bloggers connect with their audience while overseeing the content audiences have access to. 

In other words, customized link bio pages act as the perfect digital business card.

Another noteworthy benefit of link bio pages is that they help increase web traffic. What’s more, they help visitors locate your brand anywhere it can be found. Perhaps the brand was featured in a recent press release highlighting an industry win or a new product launch on the horizon. Add a link to each on your link bio page, that’s exactly what it’s for.

For Affiliate Marketers, link bio pages should include links to brand collaborations or blog posts with active affiliate links. Increase blog earnings as a result of an increased reach all because of customized link bio pages and social media. 

Increase Blog Earnings with Customized Link Bio Pages From ClickWhale PRO ⤴

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and you’re not using ClickWhale PRO for WordPress yet, we forgive you. But as we just outlined above, increasing blog earnings equivocates to increasing your reach. 

The best place to do that is on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. And the best way to market the affiliate product blogs you’ve spent hours curating on social media is via a bio link page.

When it comes to customized link bio pages, there truly is no other choice than ClickWhale PRO. The amazing nuances of the plugin’s interface are many, but the prize function is the link page builder tool. It’s this tool that allows users to curate customized link bio pages for social network profiles. 

These link bio pages can be color-coded to match the brand’s aesthetic and can include logos and icons, too. Creating customized link bio pages with ClickWhale PRO is super easy, lightning-fast to complete, and loads of fun to boot. 

As followers find and share your social media account with others, everything you would want them to know about is now easily accessible. No, it’s absolutely not tacky to link several blogs on a bio link page. We encourage you to do so

The more traffic you increase to the blog, the more possibilities for affiliate link clicks. The more clicks you get, the higher the chances of a purchase and commission payout. That’s not all! Plug the blog further by adding a link to register for a newsletter or upcoming event the brand will be covering in print.

As PRO subscribers, users can curate as many customized link bio pages as they want, plus have access to additional social media features. Modifications are simple, too. As your brand undulates with revamps, so, too, can your customized link bio pages. 

Alternative Link Bio Options

Where there’s one good thing, there’s another, right? The same goes for alternative link bio page plugins. The truth is there are several WordPress plugins available to create customized link bio pages. 

And though there are fewer differences between the majority of competitive plugins, there are significant similarities, too. Despite that, each bio link tool is designed to assist with increasing engagement and web traffic. 

A few familiar brands besides ClickWhale Pro include:

  1. Pretty Links
  2. Linktree
  3. Shorby
  4. Milkshake
  5. Campsite

Despite the capabilities of competitors, ClickWhale PRO stands out with the five additional features available to users. And that’s not all. the WordPress plugin delivers import capabilities and detailed analytics data to aid in increasing blog earnings. With ClickWhale PRO, users can customize, shorten, import, and track links for branded link pages. Wow! 

The Personal Touch of Customized Link Bio Pages

A personal touch in customer service is always a good thing. Remember customers keep coming back when they’re treated well and satisfied with the product or service. Digital Marketers can lean into that personal touch via social networks. By adding customized link bio pages to a social profile you enhance the user experience making it feel more personal from the start.

With customized link bio pages, brands can display multiple links compiled into one place. Presented in list form, followers can navigate to more than your latest blog post. Share branded short links for memberships, newsletter registration, or upcoming sale announcements. 

It’s worth noting that ClickWhale PRO subscribers are able to highlight the latest blog on customized link bio pages. This is one of many additional social media features available in the WordPress plugin’s interface. 

Social media link pages curated with ClickWhale PRO mean customization at your fingertips. With features that prioritize user experience with professionalism and convenience. The Link Page Builder tool houses elements necessary for every brand to create customized link bio pages without needing to be tech-savvy.

Are you interested in uncovering more ways to make money using ClickWhale PRO? Visit our website to learn more about our unique plugin for WordPress.


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