3 Best Ways to Make Money Using ClickWhale PRO

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14 September 2023

ClickWhale PRO, one unique plugin for WordPress, is turning heads left and right in the digital world. And as more and more businesses scramble to secure a stronghold on their digital presence, ClickWhale continues to deliver convenience in spades. 

A plugin of convenience, ClickWhale, takes the earning potential for users one step further. Read on to uncover the three ways to make money using ClickWhale PRO. 

Can I Honestly Earn Money with a Plugin? 🤑

Businesses that generate online income do so primarily via well-branded websites, which all require plugins to operate. The chances that that website was developed using WordPress are extremely high, considering the global popularity of the content management system. 

The truth is that with the increase in popularity of B2B social media spaces and the influx of blogging on websites, there have been more ways to market products and services than ever before. That is to say that the opportunities to extend a brand’s reach to convert sales are becoming exponential. 

But can you honestly earn money using a WordPress plugin? Considering the array of free plugins available for WordPress users, we understand the hesitation to grasp this concept, but we assure you that the answer is yes!

And there is one plugin in particular that will help you achieve this goal, ClickWhale PRO. 

3 Ways to Make Money Using ClickWhale PRO 💸

The potential for earning income online is enormous in this day and age. The world didn’t need a global pandemic to prove it, but, as a result of one, plenty of people are now doing just that. There are plenty of online careers that don’t even require formal degrees. As a result, the masses are continually hunting for ways to increase their profits from their digital platforms of choice.

Right on time for similar inquiries is ClickWhale PRO, the plugin for WordPress, which offers three solid ways to make money with your website. Read on as we break down those three ways for you below.

1. Make Money Using ClickWhale PRO Passively 

The most logical way to earn money online these days is via residuals. When you have a passive income, you have a consistent flow of income from one past action. For example, your favorite TV show or song title both earn residual income every time it is played or watched anywhere in the world. 

The best way to use ClickWhale PRO in this regard is via affiliate links. You see, ClickWhale PRO users can customize as many links as they would like. They can even categorize those links for easy access and tracking.

Leaning into affiliate marketing, ClickWhale PRO users can insert and embed their customized links into the Block Editor while drafting a blog on WordPress. Including affiliate links in blogs that bring loads of traffic (visitors) increases the opportunity for affiliate earnings. 

How can affiliate earnings lead to passive income? Remember, to earn passively is to make money from past actions. Publishing one well-written blog, correctly infused with affiliate links, spells earnings in your sleep. How? Every time a visitor clicks on the links or purchases a product or service from the company supporting the affiliation, you earn money. 

Don’t believe us? Try it and see for yourself. 

2. Make Money Using ClickWhale PRO with Conversion 

A second way to make money using ClickWhale PRO is via conversion. Allow us to explain further. Converting website visitors into potential clients is the best form of conversion there is. And that’s whether on a digital platform, as a result of an advertisement, or an in-store exchange. But it isn’t the only form of conversion available for ClickWhale PRO users.

The beauty of ClickWhale PRO is its new link page builder that allows users to create a customized bio link page. This is the popular link in bio tool that has taken over social media profiles. A bio link is a delightful tool that acts as a stand-alone webpage highlighting the important links that potential clients should have immediate access to. 

Deliver the goods to everyone interested by housing all relevant links in one customized location. Have a newsletter? Add a link to allow people to register to receive it. Launching a brand new product or service? Include a link on your customized bio link page curated with ClickWhale PRO

These bio link pages help conversion tenfold by delivering visitors convenience in an aesthetically pleasing way. And that’s all thanks to ClickWhale PRO.

3. Make Money Using ClickWhale PRO Because of the Savings 

It’s often said that you have to spend money to make money. But what about saving money to make money? Anytime an opportunity for savings presents itself, take it! And when it comes to ClickWhale PRO, the savings are good.

How so? Because the plugin is free for starters! Anyone who downloads, installs, and activates this plugin in WordPress gets access to a delicious handful of useful features. Each feature was designed with the user in mind and leans into curating convenience and ease of use.

Amongst these are the aforementioned money-making features like customized affiliate links and the link page builder tool. All of this is available in one incredible plugin saving you time and money. That’s right, no more pro subscriptions to various plugin tools to make a singular blog post to generate passable income. 

ClickWhale PRO has all you need conveniently located in one unique plugin.

The earning potential referenced above is proof enough of why you should be using ClickWhale PRO when using WordPress, but don’t take our word for it. Download, install, and activate ClickWhale PRO on your WordPress backend today to start testing out our claims. 

And now, the PRO version of this convenience-packed plugin is available for users. Feel free to share in the comments section of the blog about how right we were in the end.

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