ClickWhale: The Pretty Links Alternative for Better Link Shortening & More

3 April 2024

The masses have spoken, and finding a Pretty Links alternative is what they’re calling for! Luckily, the ClickWhale plugin for WordPress has landed just in time for influencers and businesses alike to make the switch and to do it with ease. 

As the Pretty Links alternative, ClickWhale is the best choice for better link shortening and much more. Plus, it makes it all available to users for free. That’s not a misprint, it’s fact!

Why ClickWhale is the Pretty Links Alternative 🐳

ClickWhale is the best alternative for various reasons. The exciting one is that the plugin is completely free. Additionally, ClickWhale has features that double down on user experience; prioritizing things like convenience and customization as a result. How?

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The plugin is a single tool housing the elements any creator needs to curate, manage, and track link performance. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, ClickWhale delivers without needing to be tech-savvy. 

With ClickWhale, users can customize, shorten, import, and track links for branded link pages. Can Pretty Links do all of that? Better yet, does it do it all free of charge? Uncover more truths and why ClickWhale is the Pretty Links alternative, plus why you need to be using ClickWhale for your digital marketing presence in the paragraphs to come.  

The Better Link Shortening Tool 🔗

For starters, ClickWhale is the Pretty Links alternative because it is the better link shortening tool. Pretty Links markets itself as the all-in-one affiliate link management plugin, but ClickWhale begs to differ. ClickWhale for WordPress also allows users to shorten, manage, and analyze links, but it additionally allows users to customize bio link pages for social media. Now that sounds more like an all-in-one solution for affiliate link management.

With ClickWhale, creators can curate shortened yet readable URLs as branded links with just a few clicks. Further still, the ClickWhale plugin analyzes those URLs, too. Depositing the data directly into your WordPress dashboard.

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The Importing Capabilities 📋

What would be the point of bragging about ClickWhale as the Pretty Links alternative if it wasn’t designed to make switching from one plugin to the other easy? And this convenience isn’t restricted to Pretty Links. It works for WordPress plugins like Better Links and Thirsty Affiliates, too. These existing links are better branded when imported to ClickWhale.

Importing links from other plugins is, you guessed it, mega easy and done with a single click within the ClickWhale interface. The same goes for migrating important fields. Both can be done as part of the free version of the ClickWhale plugin for WordPress. 

The Link Page Builder Tool 🚀

Further proof that ClickWhale is the Pretty Links alternative is the ability to create customized link pages with the link page builder tool. A feature not found on Pretty Links. A link page builder provides the ability to curate complex customized links with little time or tech knowledge. 

A stand-alone web page highlighting links from announcements to giveaways. A hub for anything a business creates or sells, a link page made with ClickWhale is a fully customized list of active links. A list that you can rearrange, stylize, and track the progress of in one place. 

ClickWhale’s Analytic Data 📉

The ClickWhale plugin comes built with the wherewithal to analyze the traction of links, too. This is to say that the analytic data gathered allows businesses to focus on practicing interpreting the data collected. Why is that beneficial to modernized businesses?

There are various benefits of the ClickWhale analytic data in modern business practices:

  • Easily identify growth opportunities and areas for cost savings and/or improvement.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer and employee wants and demands.
  • Create marketing strategies with profitable action plans.
  • Increases engagement on social media platforms and website locations.
  • Leveraging analytics means making data-driven decisions vs. leaning on intuition.

ClickWhale does this by counting frequently clicked links or the frequency of link page views plus the clicks each page warrants. This data is used to determine what type of published content works well vs. those that don’t.

With this data, users control which pieces of content to remove or optimize for further reach. They also gain insight into what kind of new content existing and new clients might be interested in.

ClickWhale’s Free Features 🆓

As stated, the ClickWhale plugin is totally free software to download, install, and activate within WordPress. Beyond that, the plugin is the Pretty Links alternative because of the extra features users get access to within that free version. 

As it stands, the features that ClickWhale and Pretty Links have in common are:

  • Link management: Create, categorize, and analyze branded links within the interface.
  • Cloaking affiliate links: Hide target URLs with clean, easy-to-read links.
  • Click tracking: Reliable and quality tracking of all engagement (clicks).

Not bad, but take a look at the extra features users of ClickWhale have access to:

  • Links categorization: Organize branded links into categories for better organization. It’s worth noting this feature is available on Pretty Links but only for paying patrons. 
  • Link pages: Create beautiful link pages that immediately boost social media rankings.
  • Visual customizer: Customize link pages with existing branded color schematics and logo designs.
  • GDPR compliant: Analytic data is safe and housed on your personal server.
  • Import 3rd-party links: Import all links from other plugins like Pretty Links with one click.

That’s five extra free features when using ClickWhale as the Pretty Links alternative to creating, customizing, and analyzing branded links. And now, the PRO version of the plugin is live and available for those users interested in taking customization up a notch. 

How to Get the ClickWhale Plugin Today 👇

With ClickWhale comes the ability to organize, customize, and create links to add to blogs or web copy for affiliate marketing management. Getting access to the free plugin is simple. Download the software by visiting the ClickWhale website to register an email of your choice. 

After registering, an auto-populated email arrives with instructions to complete the software download. Once the download is complete, open the file and complete the setup. All that’s left to do now is activate the plugin in WordPress. 

Do this by logging onto the WordPress administrative access point to activate the plugin to your dashboard. Now the ClickWhale plugin is available to use whenever necessary. Simple as that.

In light of the knowledge you now possess, wouldn’t you agree that the time for hesitation is over?  Go on, download the ClickWhale plugin for free. Start getting acquainted with the best Pretty Links alternative around. 

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