5 Reasons Why You Need to be Using ClickWhale

Are you an aspiring influencer new to social media? Perhaps an amateur who has been around for a minute, but is looking to make a bigger and more professional splash with your appearance.

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23 May 2023

Branding is everything in marketing and that goes double for marketing in digital spaces.

This is precisely why it has become an undeniable fact that digital businesses should be using a link page to market their products or services. 

What’s a link page? It’s a no-brainer option for customizing the curated content followers or potential clients need to know about. And what’s more, all that perfect content can be featured in one organized and well-branded location. 

The real question is, where to build such a useful and highly desired link page? The answer is undeniably ClickWhale for WordPress.

5 Reasons ClickWhale for WordPress is the Correct Choice ☝️

There are dozens of reasons why you should be using ClickWhale for WordPress. But for the sake of clarity, we have pinpointed five points that go without saying. Keep in mind that ClickWhale is not only intended for building link pages. 

The plugin also shortens and tracks links on the leading open-source management system powering over 43% of active websites to date, WordPress. Why is ClickWhale becoming so popular? It meets the needs of the market. 

Influencers fell in love with bio link pages because they recognized the increase in website traffic having one. Not only does a link page easily navigate users, but a customized link page from ClickWhale also gathers necessary analytics. 

What’s more, ClickWhale makes it mega easy to create beautiful and readable links to add to your customized bio link page. Continue reading to discover more about why a bio link page on your WordPress website is essential to your business’s success. 

1. It’s Easy to Use 👶

Undeniable reason number one for choosing to use ClickWhale for WordPress is that it’s easy. How easy? You can install the software in minutes and begin customizing links and link pages in three easy steps.

For those who are mildly intimidated by technology, the aforementioned point is a massive one. Especially if you are already using WordPress to create and publish digital copy online. We all want our business to soar, but what we don’t want is to use more of our precious and fleeting amounts of time to do so. 

It’s ClickWhale to the rescue on all fronts in that regard. 

2. The Customization 🧩

Undeniable reason number two for installing ClickWhale for WordPress is the ability to customize. Why is customization important? We live in a digital age where we are constantly bombarded and overstimulated by content. How else will a marketing message stand out if it’s not customized to its targeted audience?

Customize your links with ClickWhale

With ClickWhale, customization is king. From the color scheme to the background color, create branded links with just a few clicks that include: 

  • Custom URL slugs
  • Different Link Types
  • Link Categories
  • UTM parameters

All of that helps brands or businesses unite action steps coherently and in one location to better sell products, and increase profits.

3. It’s SEO-Friendly 🔍

ClickWhale is smart and designed to incorporate the most important aspect of an online presence, the Google ranking. Let’s face it, if your website isn’t incorporating a blog to increase its visibility on Google, then now is the time to adopt the practice.

If your website is fully functioning with a blog, then you understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is like oxygen or water; it’s needed to survive. ClickWhale users get this kind of analytic insight shared directly in their WordPress dashboard.

ClickWhale also offers the chance to embed tracking codes or code snippets onto a website without having to intervene in any existing code found there. Place all the codes and snippets you need wherever you need them without disruption. 

4. The Convenience 🏄‍♀️

Undeniable reason number four is the convenience of it all. As if tons of convenient points weren’t already outlined above, ClickWhale has even more to offer users. With a bio link page built on ClickWhale, you get the following additional conveniences:

  • Connect with a targeted audience sharing everything they need to know in one singular link. 
  • Create as many link pages as needed to get the attention you deserve across multiple channels.
  • Exclude User Roles as necessary by establishing roles accordingly on the back end.
  • Import existing links from other plugins with ease.

As a recap of important conveniences we’ve already covered, remember that with ClickWhale for WordPress, you get the chance to:

  • Curate as many customized bio link pages as needed.
  • Easy-to-use software that can be downloaded and installed in minutes.
  • Trackable analytic data. 
  • The ability to embed code directly into WordPress and control over who has code snippet access.
  • Shorten links quickly and efficiently.

We, of course, saved the best undeniable reason to use ClickWhale for WordPress for last.

5. It’s Free 🤑

The best part and the most undeniable reason of all is that this plugin is available to download at absolutely no cost. That’s right, FREE! It’s the alternative to competitors like LinkTree, Later, and Milkshake that we’ve all been waiting for.

Deliver the goods, services, giveaways, and newsletter announcements targeted audiences have come to expect in one customized place. Do yourself the favor of choosing to use ClickWhale for WordPress to do so. 

Have you heard the comical phrase, if it’s free, then it’s for me? Because ClickWhale is free, and it is for you! With ClickWhale, you can easily manage, shorten and analyze customized links all within an existing WordPress site. 

Now is the time to start creating a free bio link page with ClickWhale 🐳 from WordPress.

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