How Your Podcast & Videos Become Even More Successful With ClickWhale

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20 June 2023

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when it comes to any project or task is to start. Whether it’s curating a new digital business idea, finally committing to a killer fitness routine, or implementing what it takes to move your podcast or content videos to the next level. 

The paralysis of analysis, often a direct result of the sheer amount of helpful options available today, can serve as a deterrent to implementing what’s necessary for our business to succeed.

Well, have no fear because the ClickWhale plugin is here! ✨

A free plugin for WordPress that is exactly what your podcast or content videos need to go to the next level. To uncover three ways your podcast brand and video content can become more successful with the help of ClickWhale, read on.

How Your Podcast & Videos Become More Successful with ClickWhale 🏅

It’s becoming an undeniable fact that to expand brand awareness and reach, ClickWhale is precisely what’s needed. Especially in a digital world that warrants consistent digital marketing to keep business (or followers/viewers) booming. 

ClickWhale, the free plugin, delivers podcast and video curators everything necessary to become even more successful. How so? With its easy setup and activation for starters. But when a podcast or content video creator uses ClickWhale, their success is inevitable, and here’s how. 

Creating Link Pages with ClickWhale 🔗

The reality for business owners today is that a social media presence, despite one’s opinion of them, is a necessary evil. And what goes hand in hand with a social media presence? A brand’s profile or bio section. 

This section brings to life the brand’s vision, offerings, customer promises, and of course, a bio link tool. Unsure about the latter? Not a problem because we will explain it further to you. 

Building Bio Link Pages with ClickWhale 👷‍♀️

A bio link tool is what is needed to curate a bio link page. A bio link page is an active URL added to the bio section of a brand’s social media profile. When you create a bio link page using ClickWhale, the ability to customize it to the branding of your content creations is what will help validate your podcast and streamed videos in the eyes (and ears) of your valued listeners and subscribers. 

How often do we hear podcasters reference useful products or affiliate websites during an episode? Or what about watching a content video online discussing an organization that interests you greatly? How, then, do you find the affiliated information that was discussed as a listener/watcher?

Here’s how! Any relevant affiliate or informative links to accounts or digital stories referenced in podcast episodes or curated video recordings can be conveniently housed on the customized bio link page you built on ClickWhale. Add the customized link page to the notes section of the published podcast or in the video link page at the close of the recording to give easy, organized access to the information followers will come looking for. 

Demo of a Link Page

Further, adding this element to the social media accounts linked to the brand enables you to share much more than the latest recording. Add customized links to previous and underperforming podcasts or content videos. 

Are you planning to launch a newsletter? Provide the link to access the registration website on the bio link page. With ClickWhale, you can customize and create as many versions of a link page as you want.

With ClickWhale, users get access to even more features; see them all displayed for you here.

Monetization & Affiliate Marketing with ClickWhale 🤑

Monetizing a website or a brand’s digital presence is a no-brainer for business owners. So last, but certainly not least, the third and final reason your podcast and created content videos need to consider using the ClickWhale plugin is the ability to make money. 

If it costs money to put out there, you might as well be making some money from it, right? We agree wholeheartedly! There are two main ways to monetize your podcast or content videos using the ClickWhale plugin.

The first of these methods is affiliate marketing. Expanding the reach of your podcast and content videos by learning how to easily add affiliate links for specific products or services using the ClickWhale plugin is the best way to begin monetizing.

In addition to adding these links by category to the podcast notes section and video link pages to help drive traffic in the direction of associated affiliate links/codes, you can also add them to the curated link page to start earning passive income as a result.

How can affiliate earnings lead to passive income? To earn passively is to make money from past actions. Publishing one well-recorded podcast, correctly infused with affiliate links, spells earnings in your sleep. How? Every time a visitor clicks on the links or purchases a service from the company supporting the affiliation, you earn money. It’s as simple as that!

Ready to Make Your Podcast & Content Videos More Successful With ClickWhale? 🚀

The reasons outlined above show how using the ClickWhale plugin helps your podcast and content videos become even more successful. What’s in your way of downloading, installing, and activating this WordPress plugin today?

Get the first-hand experience you’ve been craving with the convenience, customization, and monetization of your podcast and content videos by using ClickWhale. The world is waiting to discover the brilliance that is your branded message, and the ClickWhale plugin is ready to help you achieve your wildest goals. 

The best part is that the ClickWhale plugin is available for download at no cost. That’s right, FREE! So what are you waiting for? Your podcast/videos are worth it! Download the ClickWhale plugin today and help fast-track your brand’s long-term success.


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