Why Your Brand Should Be Using ClickWhale, The Best Link Shortener

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11 October 2023

New to digital marketing or using a website to extend the reach of your brand or business? As part of the ever-growing digital world, any brand with an online presence should be using ClickWhale PRO, the best link shortener, to keep a leg up on the competition.

Get To Know The ClickWhale PRO Plugin 🐳

ClickWhale PRO, the free plugin for WordPress, launched in 2022 and is crushing the market. The customization alone is reason enough to invest time and energy into this interface. The link shortening tool is the icing on top of an already lush chocolate cake.

With ClickWhale PRO, you can build customized link pages, manage and track the links therein, as well as track the coding embedded in a website. Additionally, migrate existing links from other WordPress plugins you might be using to customize and repurpose in the ClickWhale PRO interface with a few clicks.

And with only three simple steps to get started, it’s no wonder the popularity of this plugin continues to grow.

Why Does Your Brand Need ClickWhale PRO, The Best Link Shortener?🏆

Google is consistently on the hunt for search engine-friendly URLs. What are Google crawlers looking for? They’re looking for a URL that is readable and understandable. The latter refers to the keywords used within a URL. 

Brands that optimize the length of a URL have a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. Further, a shortened URL is easier for users to physically type when searching for targeted keywords.

Admittedly, it’s not the length of the URL, as much as it is the structure and complexity therein. Not to mention that shorter URLs are simpler for visitors to remember. The longer the URL, the easier for visitors to mess it up upon entry and be accidentally navigated to the wrong place. 

Shortened links also make posting on various social media platforms much easier. Twitter, as an example, significantly restricts character count. With a shortened link, say more of your marketing message with the characters available vs. wasting precious space with a long URL. 

Curate branded, shortened links with the ClickWhale PRO plugin in moments. But the brilliance of the plugin doesn’t stop there. 

Additional Benefits of the ClickWhale Plugin 👇

The free version of the plugin is ace, but the PRO version is even better! Of course, the PRO version comes with a subscription cost, but if money is a deterrent, the free version is a great place to start. 

Not only does the free adaptation of the ClickWhale PRO plugin deliver enough resources, but it also does it with class. There are five main reasons why your brand needs to be using ClickWhale PRO in a digital world:

  1. The customization is undeniable. Online users are constantly accosted with visual images and advertisements. With branded marketing materials, followers and potential clients will recognize your brand from the start.
  2. The SEO capabilities of the plugin are astounding. Anyone who is blogging should be blogging with authority and with the hopes of ranking well on search engines like Google. 
  3. The convenience of a plugin that was designed with users in mind. The ClickWhale PRO plugin makes organizing, managing, and tracking branded links with a team or as a sole webmaster a breeze.
  4. The ease of use the plugin offers is always an exciting factor for new and experienced users. Not into or deterred by software and tech-related things? No worries! ClickWhale PRO is simple to use. 
  5. The cost point is exquisite, it’s free! As the best link shortener on the market, the features available to users in the ClickWhale PRO interface make it the best alternative to Pretty Links or LinkTree any day of the week. 

Let’s touch on a couple more reasons why your brand should be using ClickWhale, the best link shortener, or the new ClickWhale PRO to double down on success.

The ClickWhale Plugin Link Management Capabilities 💡

For brands utilizing social media as part of their marketing efforts, link management is certainly a top priority. Considering that social media platforms act as digital business cards for brands, parlaying the ClickWhale PRO link management tools into success is simple.

Starting with the link page builder, push your brand’s visibility further with a bio link. Why does your brand need a bio link? An increase in website traffic for one, an efficient means of navigating followers or potential clients exactly where you would like them to is number two.

Choosing to customize a bio link with ClickWhale’s PRO link management features means customizing not only a link to a website but to exclusive promotions or networking events, too. Digitally share the goodness of your business by offering the bio link vs. a physical business card. 

Include this bio link page anywhere your brand is featured using a profile or bio page. Connect with your audience and spread the word far and wide so that the masses can discover your brand, too. Learn more about how to use the Link Page Builder Tool and get started customizing your link page asap.

The ClickWhale PRO Conversion Tracking 📉

ClickWhale PRO, the best link shortener, also offers users the chance to embed tracking codes or code snippets onto a WordPress website without intervening in any existing code found there. Place all the codes and snippets you need wherever you need them without disruption. 

Integrated Conversion Tracking

The new PRO adaptation of the plugin comes with eight new features, six of which pertain to tracking, the new E-commerce conversion tracking capabilities, as an example. Now users can easily place conversion tracking codes and track the performance of WooCommerce or Easy Digital Download stores.

What’s more, the UTM Campaign tracking comes with better parameters for campaign efficacy. There are more detailed statistics offered, too. Better filter, track, and analyze link page views and clicks.

The PRO version of the ClickWhale interface is chock-full of advanced customization options including the ability to remove ClickWhale watermarks in the footer sections of web pages. Even better than that, the PRO version has no limitations. Curate and publish as many tracking codes, link pages, and branded links as needed. 

After digesting all of that we have one question for you: Why isn’t your brand using ClickWhale, the best link shortener and link tracker on the market?

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