What’s the Real Difference Between a Link Page and a Landing Page? 🤷

What's the Real Difference Between a Link Page and a Landing Page? 🤷
18 December 2023

Do you need a link page or a landing page? What is the benefit to your business if you use one vs. the other? And is there any difference between them anyway? You’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers, and we’re here to break it all down in this week’s post.

First things first, let’s define each one. Then we can better understand the difference between the two.

What Is A Link Page? 🔗

A link page is a website that acts as a hub for other websites and active URLs. You’ve seen link pages more often than you might think. For example, search engine results appear on a link page. What is a search engine results page, after all? A hyperlink that can be shared with others to navigate to the same search results. Ergo, a link page.

The entire purpose is to provide other links to be clicked or selected. Presented as a list of other links, it’s a great example of a link page everyone has encountered. Another example is the link inserted into social media profiles. Commonly referred to as a bio link, these hyperlinks direct inquisitive visitors to various links for products, blogs, or promotional campaigns. 

But then what’s a landing page? Great question, let’s discuss it.

What Is A Landing Page?

Another stand-alone website, a landing page is constructed for a specific marketing campaign or angle. For example, to collect data for a mailing list a brand may curate a landing page solely for this purpose. Landing pages are highly beneficial to influencers and Affiliate Marketers because they can be tailored.

Landing pages act exactly as a link page, providing links to be selected. In fact, most refer to a landing page as a link page and vice versa because of how similar they perform. Both act as a URL hub for other links. Both can be utilized to expand brand reach via social media. And both offer long-term benefits to brands. 

So, then what’s the difference?

What’s The Difference Between The Two? 🤔

The main difference between a link page and a landing page is branding. Or the ability to customize the page for a specific marketing angle or campaign. The idea is that a landing page can be altered at any time to reflect the marketing campaign of choice. For example, a brand wants to focus on growing its email mailing list.

Though similar and often interchangeable in social media settings, the customization of a landing page is the kicker. Take Linktree as a further example. Users can brand a landing page while highlighting the active URLs relevant to the marketing campaign of choice. 

How customized can landing or link pages be? That depends on the link page builder chosen.

How To Create A Branded Link Page

Creating a link page nowadays is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Depending on how customized the page is intended to be, the decision of which link page builder tool to use is individual. Hands down the best link page builder tool is ClickWhale.

A popular WordPress plugin, the ClickWhale interface allows users to curate as many customized link pages as desired. And when it comes to branding, the user capabilities this plugin delivers are second to none. Not to mention it’s a breeze to install and activate.

The social media features of ClickWhale are brilliant and designed with digital and affiliate marketers in mind. For digital marketing strategies, a social media presence is a no-brainer. Link pages act as the most efficient means of directing visitors exactly where you want them to go. 

Link in bio tools, help brands connect with their audience while controlling the content that that audience has access to— the perfect digital business card. And the benefits of social media link pages customized with ClickWhale speak for themselves.

Social media link pages curated with ClickWhale mean customization at your fingertips. Build link pages with branded logos, color schematics, and icons during the design process. Want some more good news? Getting access to the free plugin is simple. Download the software by visiting the ClickWhale website to register an email of your choice.

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