Are Social Media Link Pages Worth All The Fuss?

Social Media Page links
21 March 2024

If expanding brand reach and increasing profits are vital to your business, then social media link pages are most certainly a necessity. And there’s zero reason to fuss about them when ClickWhale PRO for WordPress is part of your plugin setup.

ClickWhale PRO, a free plugin for WordPress users, is outfitted with a unique page builder tool that allows users to curate customized social media link pages in minutes. Want to learn more?

The Link in Bio Tool / Link Pages From ClickWhale PRO 🐳

Let us start by stating that the new link page builder tool from ClickWhale PRO is second to none. Of course, we’re biased! But it’s also the truth! Why? Because creating social media link pages with ClickWhale PRO is easy and requires little of your precious time. 

Social media link pages curated with ClickWhale PRO mean customization at your fingertips. Include branded logos, color schematics, and icons during the design process making your link in bio page as aesthetically pleasing as desired. 

Link Page Builder by ClickWhale

Link in bio tools help brands connect with their audience while controlling the content that that audience has access to— the perfect digital business card. Want some more good news? ClickWhale PRO users also can embed curated social media link pages (or bio links) directly into their WordPress websites. 

Taking advantage of this privilege means marketing your product offerings easily and accessibly to all who visit your website. 

What are Social Media Link Pages? 🤔

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide a profile or bio section for each handle or account. Within this profile space, users display their name, a photo, and a line or two explaining what or who their brand is. 

At the close, a designated space to add a web link exists. Sometimes called a bio link, these social media link pages help brands direct followers or new visitors to a website of their choice. It is this link that is known as a link page. 

In this digital world, social media link pages are the most efficient means of directing people where you want them to go and a necessary evil. Except we don’t find them to be evil at all. Just the opposite because customizing social media link pages with ClickWhale PRO can be wicked amounts of fun. 

In fact, there are plenty of noteworthy benefits of having a customized link page to chat about.

The Benefits of Social Media Link Pages

There are several benefits to having a social media link page for your brand or business. The most obvious is the ability to share tons of information in one place. Imagine if every user on Instagram, for example, only inputted their foundational website in the bio link section. It would drive traffic to the home or products page of the website, but then what?

With a customized link page, multiple links are compiled into a list form, all of which get housed in one clickable link. This means that followers can see more than just how to get to your company website. They can also see shortcuts to registering for your newsletter, announcements on clearances, or upcoming sales. 

Other immediate benefits include:

  1. Increased traffic to websites or additional social media platforms
  2. Personalized user experience with customization
  3. The ability to promote new or time-sensitive products, service offerings
  4. Highlighting affiliate links and brand collaborations or announcements

Proof enough of the validity of having social media link pages inputted into your social media profiles? It should be! Now, there is, of course, more than one way to skin a cat. Let’s discuss it.

Are There Link in Bio Alternatives? 🔗

Of course, more options are available for curating social media link pages. We live in a digital and information age. Anything that anyone wants to know can be searched for at any time on the World Wide Web. The same goes for link in bio alternatives.

Most people default to trending link page builders such as Linktree or Milkshake. ClickWhale PRO for WordPress, however, is the best alternative around, and here’s why: 

  • ClickWhale PRO is the better link shortening tool
  • ClickWhale PRO offers five additional features at no additional charge
  • ClickWhale PRO built-in analytic capabilities
  • ClickWhale PRO is a FREE WordPress plugin

ClickWhale PRO has features that double down on user experience, prioritizing professional nuances such as customization and convenience. It’s a tool that houses elements necessary for every brand to create, oversee, and record link performance. All without needing to be tech-savvy.

For more details on the benefits of having a link in bio tool and what the ClickWhale PRO page builder for social media link pages can do to help you curate one for your brand or business, visit the website. Gather the valuable information there and make your own choice.

Remember, downloading and installing the ClickWhale PRO plugin for WordPress is completely free!

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