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4 December 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content creation has taken the world by storm lately. The technology isn’t new, but recent innovations in the software, as it pertains to content creation, are disrupting the industry.

For Amazon Affiliate Marketers, the concept of writing AI may sound far-fetched. But considering how the tech can save businesses time, it’s worth taking a decent look. Writing AI plugins for WordPress, now sprouting up like weeds, is tempting bloggers everywhere to learn more details.

Common inquiries include how writing AI benefits bloggers and if an artificial source can generate genuine content that inspires readers to action. It is possible, especially implementing AI and ClickWhale as WordPress plugins. 

The combination packs a one-two punch for Amazon Affiliate Marketers seeking to increase their earning potential.

AI Writing Tools and Blogging 📝

Bloggers are excited by this technology because of its ability to generate human-like responses in print. The quick creation of SEO-friendly blog content means more published blogs regularly. The consistency therein means better chances for higher search engine rankings over time.

Amazon Affiliate Marketers lean heavily on blogging to embed affiliate links. A plugin that writes engaging content for you sounds heavenly, does it not? The more words the AI writes, the less creative energy you need to expel. 

Besides, the more access to niche-friendly Amazon products readers have, the more likely they’ll buy. And, by default, the more likely you are to increase your earning potential.

The most commonly referenced AI writing tool these days is ChatGPT. A natural language processing smart-tech that generates various types of written content. Not a WordPress plugin on its own, it offers plugins within its ChatBot umbrella that are WordPress compatible. 

Trending AI Writing Plugins for WordPress

Responsible bloggers recommend proofreading or copyediting content written by AI writing tools. The content generated is engaging and on target with programmed keywords, but it can also lack human finesse and often makes small mistakes.

That said, the increase in AI writing plugins for WordPress continues to gain traction. Here are three of the most widely used AI writing plugins available:

Hostinger AI Assistant

A free AI writing plugin that increases the speed of content generation. The key feature of this plugin is the seamless one-click content integration.

AI Engine

Integrates with AI services like Open AI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft Azure. The key features of this plugin for WordPress are image generation and tracking abilities. 

Elementor AI

A short copy AI writing tool that generates content in 26 languages. The key feature here is the custom HTML and CSS generation available to users. 

These three are only the tip of the content-generating AI iceberg. There are even plugins that cater to customer service and others that are voice-operated. Avoid diving too deep into the abyss, but try to prioritize some due diligence for the AI writing plugin that best suits your business. 

Additional AI Writing Plugins For WordPress

There are an alarming number of AI writing plugins available for WordPress users. We don’t say that to deter you but to reiterate the importance of doing your due diligence about which plugin is suited for your Affiliate Marketing and blogging needs.

Other AI writing plugins worth investigating for WordPress include:

  • Reword
  • GetGenie AI
  • Bertha AI
  • CopyMatic AI
  • Content Bot AI Writer
  • QuillBot

With the correct AI writing plugin in place and a steady workflow, the missing piece of this content jigsaw puzzle is customization. And when AI and ClickWhale come together, marketing magic is made.

ClickWhale and Customized Content 🐳

ClickWhale brings much to the table as a WordPress plugin. For Affiliate Marketers, the AI and CllickWhale combo becomes unstoppable with the customization features of each plugin. 

With ClickWhale, this customization lies in the ability to brand shortened links and categorize, manage, and track affiliate links on WordPress. That means that when drafting a new blog, users can embed affiliate links more easily and with intent. 

ClickWhale takes it one step further with the Link Page Builder tool that allows users to expand their Affiliate Marketing reach via social media. How so? By creating branded link pages for social network profiles.

As B2B platforms, social networks serve as another verification point for new clients. How often have you searched for a brand online to be directed to a Facebook or Instagram page for details? Businesses looking to make a global impression turn to social media marketing, and your brand should, too. 

With ClickWhale’s social media link pages comes the chance to better market your affiliate status. Want an example? Consider plugging in links to specific blogs featuring lists of active affiliate links. How about promoting a monthly newsletter or membership for early access to new affiliate links? The options are endless, and with the PRO version of the interface, you can create as many link pages as needed.

Is it becoming clear how the AI and ClickWhale combo can take your Affiliate Marketing earning capabilities to the next level yet?

The AI and ClickWhale Combo For The Win 🏆

Staying relevant in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape is easier than it seems. This is especially true if combining AI and ClickWhale to achieve Affiliate Marketing brilliance. The convenience of an AI writing tool and the customization of ClickWhale speak directly to those in Affiliate Marketing. 

Want a more concrete example? AI writing tools can help create the text for a specific post that you place in the ClickWhale link shortener or affiliate link categories. In other words, you can let the AI write your ad text and use ClickWhale to place your affiliate links in this text.

Increase earnings on your WordPress website with features like code tracking, categorizing, and link pages with ClickWhale in conjunction with the ever-popular AI writing plugins for WordPress to generate engaging, well-branded content faster.

Both tools make working smarter vs. harder a priority. And both plugins for WordPress bring with them the opportunity to dominate a niche with authority. Keep your brand at the forefront of the options available to your ideal client for affiliate purchases by ensuring it’s your brand and website they trust. 

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