20 Digital Marketing Tools Trending This Year For WordPress

7 February 2024

In this day and age, if you’re running a digital business, then you have encountered or are using WordPress, too. As the most popular CMS, WordPress continues to power at least 40% of websites around the globe. 

As a result, there are plenty of digital resources trending this year for WordPress. Thoughtfully, we have compiled a list of seven plugins or themes to help take your digital business to the next level in 2024.

Digital Marketing Tools Trending This Year For WordPress 🚀

As the leading content management system (CMS), plenty is trending this year for WordPress users, old and new. Trends in digital marketing, in general, continue to hover around social media, AI writers, and SEO. There’s also much to be said about privacy rules and the classic notion that the customer comes first. Which is to say that the focus remains on the user experience when it comes to marketing.

The majority of those trends come back to one thing, an engaging website. The beauty of WordPress is the oodles of free themes, plugins, and resources found there.  Let’s chat about a few, shall we?

20 Plugins Trending This Year For WordPress

The leading plugins for digital marketers using WordPress vary depending on the ecosystem needed. If you’re new to the term, allow us to explain a tad further about what a WordPress ecosystem is and why it matters.

The WordPress ecosystem refers to the fundamental functions, functionalities, and functonaries of the platform. The term “Powered by WordPress” is a philosophy for the website giant because of the due diligence consistently happening behind the scenes.

But from the perspective of users, these ecosystems refer to the lead functions of the platform for web use. When it comes to plugins for digital marketing, there are four primary ecosystems:

  • Content creation
  • E-Commerce 
  • Lead generation
  • SMS & email

Plugins trending this year for WordPress in the content creation ecosystem help users with management, planning, scheduling, and optimization. Some of the leading plugins in this ecosystem are:

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E-commerce ecosystem plugins trending this year for WordPress integrate with websites, allowing users to target campaigns, track buyer behavior, plus optimize sales. They even assist with marketing strategies when needed. Some trending plugins for E-Commerce participants include:

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Lead generation plugins help users set up pop-ups and branded forms for mailing list sign-ups. These work best as action buttons for lead magnets. Trending this year for WordPress in lead generation plugins are:

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Lastly, SMS and email marketing plugins on WordPress create and manage marketing campaigns via email or short messaging services. Additionally, these handy plugins allow for personalization via direct messaging to clients. Some of the plugins leading the pack for this ecosystem include:

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Now, let’s discuss our top choices within each ecosystem to help you better understand their value to your digital marketing business.

Top Plugin Trending This Year For WordPress for Digital Marketers 💡

Our pick for plugin of the year for content creators is WP Forms—an easy-to-use forms builder with drag-and-drop features. Users of this nifty plugin can easily embed forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, and footers. Create subscription forms and connect them with your email marketing service. Another notable feature, WPForms is 100% responsive, meaning it works on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

Leading the pack for E-commerce plugins is ClickWhale PRO. A sophisticated plugin seemingly designed for all things digital and affiliate marketing. Those who find themselves neck-deep in affiliate marketing should know about this plugin already. But, in case it has slipped that far under the radar, we are happy to bring it to light in more detail below.

Trending this year for WordPress in lead generation is MC4WP, better known as Mailchimp for WordPress. This plugin makes it easy for web visitors to subscribe to your emailing list powered by Mailchimp. Users do this by creating signup forms that can be integrated right into the website’s theme. With over 2 million active users on WordPress sites, it’s popular for a reason. 

MailerLite is what’s trending this year for WordPress in SMS and email marketing. This plugin not only provides customization but automation, too. Lead magnets are a breeze with the automated system, allowing users to build separate lists for mailing as needed. Plus, it delivers a diverse selection of newsletter templates. 

Want to Learn More About ClickWhale PRO For WordPress? 🔍

Great choice! This practical plugin does wonders for digital marketers. It doubles down for affiliate marketers, too. If your brand is looking for one plugin that delivers more than you hoped, look no further. 

ClickWhale PRO is the way to go for customization, link management, shortening, and tracking. The WordPress plugin also packs a punch with useful social media features like link pages, while providing enhanced analytics for stronger campaign efficacy. 

Remember this plugin is free to download, install, and activate, though the PRO version of the interface requires a subscription. Watch the live demo below for a clearer display of the genius that is ClickWhale for WordPress. 

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