Version 1.1.0 brings SEO and Open Graph Optimizations

Version 1.10 of ClickWhale WordPress plugin is now available. An overview of all new functions and features can be found here.

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13 February 2023

At a glance 👓

  • Link Page SEO and Open Graph settings: Optimize your link page with the new SEO and Open Graph settings. Preview the result directly.
  • Adding custom links, posts, pages, custom post types to Link Page: From now on you can add many more contents directly from your wordpress to the link page
  • Sort Link Pages by views and clicks: Sort the link pages by success parameters!
  • Sort Links by clicks: With more overview, you can now find out which links are the most popular!
  • More tweaks and fixes

First things first: SEO settings for your link page 🔍

So that your link page performs even better on the Internet and also looks great in the link preview, we provide you with advanced functions especially for this purpose.
And the most practical: You can view the link preview directly via a button❗️

Add to your link page all the content you like! 📋

Where before you could only use ClickWhale links, now you can choose which content types to add to your link page. Whether it’s pages, posts, custom post types – any content you have available in your WordPress website! 🐳

Sort Clicks and Views

From now on you can sort your links and link pages by certain parameters. E.g. the number of views or clicks. This gives you a quicker insight into which links / pages perform really well – and which not.

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