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28 September 2023

While the world of WordPress development sounds impressive to many, the challenges it throws to developers are highly daunting, especially when it comes to plugin development. This process needs multiple tests to surface incompatibility, security, and functionality issues before thinking that the plugin is all set for personal use or launch in the market.

To cut down the struggle, ClickWhale is using InstaWP these days. It has emerged as a groundbreaking tool for our team. From seamless plugin development to mesmerizing live demos or WordPress Sandboxes, InstaWP has set a new standard for excellence in the WordPress community. 

This ingenious plugin has revolutionized the way we (or any developer) create and showcase creations, simplifying the entire process with its cutting-edge features. 

Considering the above, we thought, why not share our experience and knowledge with everyone? So, in this article, we’ll delve into the remarkable capabilities of InstaWP and explore how it has transformed the way developers build, test, and present their plugins to the world. 🙂

InstaWP – Bringing WordPress Development Revolution 🚀

InstaWP is a great WordPress development tool that developers can use to build and migrate WordPress sites. It offers a bunch of fully optimized templates for WordPress development; select a preferred template, enter the details, and have a gripping site ready in no time.  

The great part is that you’re allowed to share this just-ready site with clients of your choice and migrate it to any hosting service. When WordPress development is so extensive, how InstaWP’s offering could be so restrictive?

It offers extended helping hands with other features and facilities like:

  • Creating staging live sites without the help of APIs
  • Push the migration site changes to the live site without any changes
  • Fully automated QA using Git integration
  • Managing the hosting and live site from a centralized place
  • Facility to monetize your WordPress development designs using the hosting packages
  • Activation of SFTP or SSH for any designed site
  • A fully functional code editor permitting multiple-tab editing
  • A highly powerful Adminer database editor that allows you to export the database as SQL or CSV file
  • Fully customized PHP configuration
  • Multiple connections per template so that you can simplify the development by all means possible
  • A wide range of webhooks for connecting sites & templates

The list is long, and we have a word limit here. So, cut down to the chase and talk about how InstaWP is a blessing in disguise for developers who want to create flawless and feature-rich plugins with the least possible effort.

How ClickWhale Uses InstaWP? 🐳

We needed a solution for creating instant demos for people willing to have a sneak peek into our product. And that’s when our research made us learn about InstaWP.

Our CEO and Founder, Florian, loved the product and decided to start demonstrating ClickWhale using InstaWP. We created a white-labeled plugin demo flow using this tool, and it worked like a charm. Have a look at the landing page of our plugin demo:

Now, when a prospect clicks on the Launch Demo link, this tool lets us capture his/her email address (optional), acting as an amazing lead magnet for us.

And finally, the prospect has access to the demo site (with ClickWhale installed and configured) for 8 hours in less than 10 seconds. Isn’t it amazing?

Have a look at the dashboard we have configured for our users:

By adding InstaWP to our toolkit, we are finally able to avail of numerous benefits, such as:

  • Better experience for prospects
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Time-saving (we were manually showing demos to our potential customers previously)
  • Simplified live plugin testing and development

Check ClickWhale’s Live Demo Here >>

Let’s talk about how your team can also use InstaWP to expand its user base and capabilities. That’s what the next sections are all about.

InstaWP For Plugin Development 👩‍💻

InstaWP is a feature-rich tool that you must have understood from the above list. Along with website development, it’s an amazing assistance for those involved in plugin development. 

Plugin development is a tedious task with multiple challenges. For instance, developers have to experiment with the design and layout of the plugin to make it stand out from the crowd. They have to design an impressive user interface that will keep the users hooked and impressed.

To make things worse, there are a bunch of technical specifications that developers have to check out during the process. Even when the design is completed, a plugin has to go through rigorous testing before getting a final nod.

All this consumes extreme energy, time, and resources. But, InstaWP can trim down all of these in one go. You need no hosting environment, no domain, and no editor when developing your plugin in the InstaWP dashboard. 

Wondering how? Scroll down to know.

Design quickly

Create a testing site for your plugin development process from scratch with the help of free and paid templates that the InstaWP store offers. 

With these templates, the production time is very low, as developers only have to tweak them. Each of its templates offers PHP configuration to make development a bit more simplified.

Manage the development from beginning to end.

InstaWP offers you tools like code editor, DB editor, logs views, PHP configurations, and many more to ease down the development struggle. For example:

  • Code editor permits multi-tab editing, viewing of live changes, and search and replace actions. You can easily tweak the codes, make them perfect, and eliminate redundancy from them.  
  • Database editor offers a highly viable Adminer database editor that allows you to manage access privileges at multiple levels while you’re developing a plugin along with a huge team.
  • You have an inventive logs viewer, so troubleshooting is easier than ever. Using it, one can view error logs, access logs, and IP addresses. It also has the facility to search the access and error logs over a single click.

Coding is a kid’s Play.

Fed-up with extensive coding of the entire process? Just plan to use InstaWP as this tool offers PHP configurations, webhooks, API integrations, team-wise configurations, and multiple slugs for plugins and themes.

Effortless testing and debugging

Let’s talk about the most labor-intensive aspect of WordPress plugin development, testing, and debugging. Developers have to engage in multi-layer testing so that the final product comes as a flawless tool.  

During the entire development process, the under-construction plugin remains under threat of being bugged. Developers often take the help of staging sites for plugin testing, which is another headache.

InstaWP offers a one-click staging site creation facility. Pick the preferred template, enter the website details, and test as many plugins as you want. You can check the compatibility issues and potential conflicts with other plugins or themes and validate the performance and security of the beta version of a plugin.

Easy pushing of changes from the staging site to the production site  

Not only InstaWP helps you develop the plugins seamlessly, but also it’s a great help to make sure that the changes you’ve made in under-construction plugins are visible on your live or production site as well.

Demo with pride

If you were developing the plugin, you would be happy to hear that InstaWP has a Live Demo feature. Using this feature, developers can conduct an impressive live demo of the beta version of the plugin and take the feedback of the clients and customers – just as ClickWhale does.

The feature is so helpful that it boosts client-developer engagement in no time and increases the sale possibilities for the plugin.

If you’re able to understand the gravity of all these features, you must also know what InstaWP offers to developers engaged in plugin development is one of a kind. It’s really hard to ignore.

How To Develop Staging Or Live Demo Site For Plugins? ☝️

Impressed with InstaWP’s capabilities? You certainly should be, as the toll does a commendable task here. Now, if you’re planning to use it, let’s tell you that the process is super simple as long as you stick to the below-mentioned steps.

Steps #1 – Sign Up for InstaWP

Go to the InstaWP website and click the “Try for Free” button. Or, register using this link.

Fill in the asked details to get started for free. Once registered, log in to the InstaWP dashboard. 

Step #2 – Launch a WordPress Website

Launching a WordPress staging site is easy as InstaWP automatically sets up default configurations for your site. 

For any changes or customization, you need to click on “Add New” and make changes.

Click on the “Create Site” option to generate your demo website. You can even preinstall WordPress plugins to it. 

To access the WordPress Admin dashboard, just simply click on the “Magic Login” button. Now, you’re all set to preview your demo site by clicking the URL link.

Step #3 – Install the Concerned Plugin

To begin the demo of your plugins, you need to install them on the staging site. For this, you need to go to “Appearance” => “Plugins” on the WordPress Admin dashboard and click “Add New.” Upload your plugin and click “Install,” then activate it to start using its features.

Alternatively, you can develop your plugin from scratch within your InstaWP dashboard using its advanced Code Editor.

Step #4 – Create a Plugin Demo

To set up a public demo, you must first save your WordPress site as a Shared Template.

For this, go to Templates > Shared > Add a Template and select the site to be added as a template.

Next, work on the template’s settings, branding, and advanced options to craft a white-labeled demo for your prospects. You can add your logo, text, and a lot more in InstaWP for this. 

You can also decide to send your visitors to a particular URL in the WordPress dashboard (e.g., your plugin’s settings page), collect their email addresses, and send them an email to improve your chances of a successful conversion.

Step #5 – Share the demo with others

Now that your template is ready, go to the Templates page > Shared tab, and click on the Shared link placed next to your template to copy the plugin demo URL. 

This URL can be used on your Live Demo button or in multiple other ways to drive traffic to your demo setup.

See how easy it is to arrange and set up a demo for your plugin and showcase your creation to the world!

If you still have any concerns or troubles in accessing this demo process or creating a staging site, the team at InstaWP is all set to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them.  

The Final Word 💡

WordPress developers have a chance to play with their imaginations and creativity by designing multiple plugins. If they manage to develop a wide range of plugins that are feature-rich, compatible, and have unmatched functionalities, no one can stop them from being a WordPress Star.

However, the job itself is not easy. There are challenges like incompatibility and security concerns of the plugins that can pull down a developer’s success. To avoid this, ClickWhale’s suggestion, on the basis of its experience, is to take the help of InstaWP. This is one of the most revolutionary WordPress development and plugin demo tools.

From development to testing, this platform offers a bunch of features and functionalities. Get this tool today and start unfolding new development opportunities for you. Don’t worry about the investments, as InstaWP has both paid and free versions. Its pricing plans are super cost-effective considering the purposes it solves for you.

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