Digital Marketing Essentials: How To Choose The Perfect Tools For Your Business

Digital Marketing tools
14 February 2024

The information age has its pros and cons. The pro is that we can access information almost anywhere in the world. The con is that the sheer amount of information can sometimes be too overwhelming. 

When the latter happens, many fail to acknowledge that the best starting point is to familiarize oneself with digital marketing essentials. That includes staying abreast of the various tools available to assist campaigning efforts.

It is said that knowledge is power, but in actuality, applied knowledge is power. This is to say, that inundating yourself with the myriad of tools out there means nothing if you cannot choose the right one. 

Choosing the right tools as a digital marketer is one of those essential elements to success. The truth is that with the correct assets, professional marketers hold the longevity of their success in the palm of their hands.

Starting With The Digital Marketing Essentials💡

Before a brand begins to hunt for the tools essential to its success, it needs to have a clear vision of its end game. Not in business per se, but with the tool itself. Why is this the first step? The answer is simple. Because there are dozens of options out there. And depending on what platforms your brand uses to market its products and services, there might be a tool better suited over the others.

Where does one begin then? Right here with this blog! Keep reading for resourceful suggestions on tools that are best for digital marketers. Trial and error regarding software is one thing, A/B testing curated content is another. But there are tools to cater to each. Do you know which tool to use?

The Digital Marketing Essentials of Social Media 👨‍💻

The tools for social media continue to thrive and innovate as the market grows. Marketing on social networks is no longer a consideration for businesses but a necessity. A brand without a digital presence on social networks succumbs to the competition. 

Why do digital marketers need tools to help them navigate social networks? Because there are so many of them to manage, for starters. For those new to marketing on social platforms, that overwhelm we mentioned earlier is waiting around every corner. 

For this reason, part of a healthy social network marketing strategy is to minimize the platforms a brand is visible. This might sound backward, considering the idea of reach. But trust us when we tell you that being everywhere but converting nowhere is a complete waste of time and resources. 

Instead, brands should do more than a little due diligence when researching their niche to know which platforms to pursue. For example, if your target market is tweens, platforms like Snapchat and TikTok are wiser decisions. 

The majority of brands understand that a presence on Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a must. But other platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and X (formerly known as Twitter) also offer high conversion. 

So, which social network platforms should your brand be marketing products on as part of its digital marketing essentials? And, more importantly, which tools will you look to to help manage and optimize your efforts there?

Digital Marketing Essentials: Social Media Tools 

Here’s a helpful list of the digital marketing essentials for social media management and optimization.

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ClickWhale PRO: A WordPress plugin with social media features catered to digital marketers. The SM features are only the tip of the customization iceberg in this SaaS. Curate customized bio link pages, as well as, track and manage the links displayed therein. Adapt marketing efforts based on detailed analytic data tracked within the interface to increase and optimize digital marketing campaigns. 

No need to subscribe as the original interface is free to use. The PRO features available to digital marketers, however, are a no-brainer. Prices are based on how many websites you need to manage and start as low as $49 a year. This software is the go-to choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

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Hootsuite: A social media-friendly tool. With 16 Million global users, this is a solopreneuers tool of choice. Publish created content and plan a calendar of content to publish with ease. Hootsuite keeps brands organized across various social platforms. It also offers dozens of nich-oriented features throughout. 

Subscription prices begin at $99 and on an annual basis. This tool is best suited for content creators, digital and affiliate marketers, brand managers, and businesses of all sizes. 

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Canva: The online graphic design tool of champions. A free, theme-rich platform for content creation, Canva is a tool that adapts well to this list of digital marketing essentials. Create visually appealing video and graphic content for social media feeds or story shares. With team collaboration capabilities, photo filters, email editors, and more, Canva earned its place on this list. 

Using the tool is free, but the PRO subscription price is $119.99 annually and best suits non-tech savvy content creators and pro creators alike. 

Digital Marketing Essentials: Tools for Analytics & More

Analytics and marketing are practically synonyms these days. As a result, the same mentality of success is applied to the right tools. Here are a few tools for analytics, organization, and email market campaigns. All of which should be wrapped up in your digital marketing essentials. 

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Google Analytics: The most trusted and widely used analytics system. And a perfect tool for those leaning heavily into social networks for campaigning. Google Analytics is popular not only because it’s free but also because it’s great. Monitor website traffic, learn the flow of your audience around your website, and figure out where to tweak and optimize content.

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Mailchimp: The leading email marketing software as a service at the moment. A complete interface that allows for automation, templates for guidance, plus omnichannel settings. Create and market aesthetically pleasing emails to market affiliate links, blogs, you name it. Another great selling point is that Mailchimp is Hootsuite compatible. Free to use, but upgrades are available for a monthly fee starting at $17.80.

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Slack: The communication tool for brands or solopreneurs that hire a team of people. Communicate on public or private channels with easy video or voice call capabilities. Did we mention that it’s mobile-friendly? This tool is a go-to for tons of professionals because of its convenience and how integrated it is with other tools like Zoom and Google Drive. No longer free to use, there’s now a per-user minimum cost for the platform of $7.25 per month.

Not a bad start!

Which Digital Marketing Tool Will You Choose? 🛠️

That was a ton of great information that we hope sheds some light on the digital marketing essentials for pros and amateurs alike. Believe it or not, this list is a short version of all that is truly available. Plus, innovative software programs and tools are in the works every day. Still, this is a solid jumping-off point and we hope that you’ve found it valuable. 

So, which tool(s) will you choose to better manage and optimize your brand’s marketing efforts?

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