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pro release
10 July 2023

At a Glance 👓

  • Detailed Statistics: Detailed statistics which allow you to filter and analyze link clicks and link page views.
  • Conversion Tracking: Easily place conversion tracking codes to track the performance of your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads store.
  • Social Profiles: Add your social profiles to your existing link page in order to gain more followers on your favorite social networks.
  • UTM Campaign Tracking: Gain the ability to track UTM campaigns with better parameters for exceptional campaign efficacy when you upgrade to ClickWhale PRO.
  • Blog Posts Feed: Automatically show the latest blog posts directly on your link pages for further reach.
  • Advanced Customization Options: Additional features from the plugin to customize link pages include options to add branded backgrounds, images, and more.
  • No Limitations: Limitations be gone! Curate and publish as many tracking codes, link pages and branded links as needed when upgrading to ClickWhale PRO.
  • Remove Plugin Credits: Keep the branding personal with the ability to remove ClickWhale credits like the logo from footers and more.

Detailed Statistics 📈

With PRO you can evaluate your clicks on links, views and clicks of your link pages much more precisely – over time periods, specific content and more.

Filter by specific links, categories or days and compare the traction of your content with each other!

Link Manager for WordPress

Ecommerce Conversion Tracking 🛒

The pre-built conversion tracking for Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce makes your work even easier.

In the conversion tracking setting, simply choose between the tracking you want to set up:

  • Standard Code Tracking
  • WooCommerce Conversion
  • EDD Conversion

and here we go!
This way you can track sales in the context of various marketing and analysis campaigns. And this knowledge is worth its weight in gold!

Integrated Conversion Tracking

Social Profiles 👥

Now add your social media profiles as icons to your link page and enable even easier sharing with your followers.

This feature – over all these years – is extremely convenient, and thus: indispensable!

UTM Campaign Tracking 🕵🏾‍♂️

UTM parameters are added to URLS to evaluate how effective a marketing or sales campaign is. But we are sure you already know that. With ClickWhale PRO you now have the possibility to easily add these parameters to your links.

Blog Posts Feed ✍️

What do we have here? Something that will make your landing page even more attractive and effective!
With ClickWhale PRO you get the possibility to display blog posts directly on your link page. You can choose between different display variants for the postings. You can also decide, for example, that only posts of a certain category should be displayed.

Users visiting your link page will be able to read the latest or most relevant blog posts.

Advanced Customization Options 🎨

With PRO you can make your link pages versatile. Add gradients, backgrounds, or patterns. Or customize the colors and fonts of your link page in a very granular way. All adjustments are shown to you in a live preview, so that you can easily and quickly get the representation that you want.

Customize your Link Page!

No Limitations 🪽

All limitations that apply to the free plugin will be removed. That means, for example; you can create as many link pages with as many links as you want.

Remove Plugin Credits ❎

To make your link page fit your brand even better and look more professional, you can remove all plugin credits with the PRO plugin.

A feature that every real marketer will appreciate.

So let’s get started! Become captain of your own ship – with ClickWhale PRO

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Includes 1 year plugin updates and support
Personal User
1 Site Personal User
$ 149 one-time
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30-day money back guarantee
Includes plugin updates and support
Power User
10 Sites Power User
$ 599 one-time
Excl. tax
30-day money back guarantee
Includes plugin updates and support

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