ClickWhale 1.3.0 – New Link Page builder with New Content Elements

Now that's a tasty bite! Checkout the innovation of the latest ClickWhale update!

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26 April 2023

At a Glance 👓

  • New Link Page Builder: Creating your link page is now even more comfortable and offers you even more possibilities!
  • Adding new Link Page elements: From now on, you can add headings, seperators, images, icons and emojis to your link page!
  • More tweaks and fixes

Individual and great Link Pages with the Link Page Builder 🧩

Imagine being able to customize your link pages even more closely to your brand! Imagine you can easily add and arrange all kinds of content to your link page. Ok, you don’t have to close your eyes to imagine that, because with the new update, that’s exactly what’s possible! Eyes Up! 👀 Here comes the new Link Page Builder.

Link Page Builder by ClickWhale

It’s so super easy to manage your link page now. The new Link Page Builder allows you to add and manage content simply by drag’n’drop. Goodbye to the days of annoying dropdowns and inflexible handling! 🌊

You will also find new Content Types for your Link Page 🐳

  • Headlines ✍️ Add headings between individual links and give your visitors even more clarity!
  • Separators 〰️ With separators you can add separator lines, e.g. to separate individual headings from others.
  • Emojis, images and icons 😊 Add funny emojis, stylish icons or an image of your choice to your link.

The update also brings many other improvements, which we do not mention in detail here out of consideration. If you want to know more, check out the changelog!

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