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Link Tracking
12 December 2023

Anyone searching for the master key to success as an affiliate marketer is searching to unlock the power of link tracking. It is the game changer for success for digital marketers in general. But for affiliate marketers, the power of link tracking as it pertains to their success, is essential.

Link tracking as an affiliate marketer means tracking the performance of affiliate links and the conversion therein. This includes tracking not only link clicks but also the buyer’s process from start to finish. With a solid grasp on how, why, and when a target audience engages with affiliate content, marketing campaigns can better succeed.

This blog is going to discuss a few strategies to assist you with this reader. Then we will shed some light on how ClickWhale, a digital marketer’s secret weapon, is the plugin of all plugins.

Strategies to Unlock the Power of Link Tracking 🔗

As promised, there are a couple of noteworthy strategies best suited to unlock the power of link tracking. Whether you participate in pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-lead (PPL), or pay-per-sale (PPS) affiliation, these strategies will help. Of course, it is important to choose the right program to participate in as an affiliate marketer. But regardless, a strategy is a necessity.

Those strategies include audience mapping and affiliate automation. 

  • Audience mapping, simply put, is knowing your audience through and through. It’s identifying and analyzing that audience to improve conversion. To do this, digital marketers employ different techniques such as surveys, focus groups, and our favorite, data analysis. All of which brings clarity to the customer journey.

Affiliate automation is no easy feat. As a result, we’re going to backtrack to a few fundamental facts. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based model wherein participants earn commissions on products and services belonging to various brands. Participation, for the most part, is free but requires consistency and, you guessed it, strategy to be successful. Those who can master their marketing strategy as an affiliate, however, stand to earn passive income. Thus the excitement of hundreds of thousands to partake in the fun.  

  • Affiliate automation is a means of streamlining marketing efforts while scaling revenue. It also leaves more time for relationship building, and campaigning vs. staying on the marketing hustle. To automate, affiliate marketers need a tool that will automate repetitive marketing actions. Which actions are we referring to? Such actions as emailing, lead nurturing, and social media posts. 

Examples of affiliate automation tools:

  • PartnerStack
  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • Upfluence
  • TapFiliate
  • Everflou
  • Tune

Affiliate marketers that use automation tools work with ease and a coveted synergy. One tool that we haven’t yet mentioned to automate is ClickWhale for WordPress.

The Power of Link Tracking Features Found on ClickWhale 🚀

To unlock the power of link tracking with ClickWhale, one only needs to get to know the software. As an interface, ClickWhale was curated with digital marketers in mind. From link management to social media features, ClickWhale sets affiliate marketers up for success.

As the best link shortener around, ClickWhale helps with affiliate automation, too. Shorten affiliate links to better mask an affiliate ID. Consider the rules on social media networks where long links aren’t prohibited but profoundly frowned upon. In these instances, a trusted link shortener is a handy resource.

On the topic of social media, this popular WordPress plugin helps brands with their brand identity across social networks. How so? With the famous ClickWhale Link Page Builder tool. Curate a customized link page for the profile sections of the social networks your brand partakes in. Customize the page with your brand’s logo, color aesthetics, and icons, too. 

How do bio link pages play into link tracking? We’re glad you asked. ClickWhale’s detailed analytics measures the popularity of the links housed there. By tracking which links on the bio link page are underperforming, digital marketers can pivot accordingly. This resource makes it easier to provide engaging content the target audience thirsts for. 

The tracking codes the interface gives users access to are equally powerful. Track, manage, and categorize affiliate links within the ClickWhale interface with ease. Embed as many links as needed without disrupting existing code, too. Not to mention the conversion code tracking available to PRO users. 

Want to Learn More About The Power of Link Tracking using ClickWhale PRO? 🏄‍♂️

We don’t blame you. The free version of ClickWhale is amazing and provides an abundance of resources. However, the PRO version of the plugin takes the power of link tracking to another level. Double down on detailed analytics data, advanced customization options, and unlimited access to the link page builder tool for social media. 

Did we mention the ability to use UTM campaign tracking? Well PRO users get access to that too! What affiliate marketer serious about their success doesn’t want stronger parameters for exceptional campaign efficacy? PRO users also get to keep the branding personal by removing any ClickWhale branded watermarks. Are you ready to unlock the power of link tracking with ClickWhale?

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