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Why You Might Need a Bio Link Page on Your WordPress Website?

What is An Instagram Bio Link Page ⁉️ A bio link page is an active URL added to the bio section of a social media account. A bio landing is a specific type of bio link page designed for social media profiles, focusing on creating landing pages that complement these profiles by highlighting important links […]

ClickWhale: The Pretty Links Alternative for Better Link Shortening & More

The masses have spoken, and finding a Pretty Links alternative is what they’re calling for! Luckily, the ClickWhale plugin for WordPress has landed just in time for influencers and businesses alike to make the switch and to do it with ease.  As the Pretty Links alternative, ClickWhale is the best choice for better link shortening […]

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Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Story?

The short answer is yes, usually you can. Instagram lets you see who viewed your Instagram Story. However, there can be exceptions to this rule – and it’s not always possible. But, there are far more powerful metrics than just Story views.

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