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With ClickWhale, you can easily manage, shorten & analyze links on your WordPress website all while using your own domain!

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Create short & readable URLs

Create branded links with just a few clicks – and analyze them too! The links are easy to read for your customers and visitors. You get insights directly in your WordPress dashboard.

✅ Custom URL slugs
✅ UTM parameters
✅ Different Link Types
✅ Link Categories

Import your links from other plugins

Already using another plugin to create your shortened links? Like PrettyLinks or Better Links? No problem! With just one click, it’s easy to migrate all your links into ClickWhale.

✅ Import to ClickWhale
✅ Migrate important fields

Create your own Link Page & connect it to social media channels

Share everything you want to show your followers on a singular link – for free and in a few minutes!

✅ Customize your Link Page
✅ Compatible with all social media

Manage tracking codes easily in the ClickWhale interface

ClickWhale offers you the possibility to embed any tracking codes or code snippets directly on your website without having to intervene in the code of your website.

✅ All the codes you need, where you need them
✅ Exclude User Roles

Install ClickWhale

After you have installed and activated ClickWhale, you can get started right away.

Add shortened links

Start creating new links that are not only prettier but much shorter.

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Place & Analyze

Put the pretty links on your website and collect data about how often they are clicked!

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ClickWhale makes it so easy to create beautiful and readable links. The click tracking is reliable and super easy. Being able to easily import all my existing links into ClickWhale has saved me so much time. Great!
Sven J. Scheuerle
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